jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

Messages for Love: Playful Kiss First Anniversary PROJECT

Pearl, from Onlyhyunjoong.com and soompi came up with a great project,since Playful Kiss will have its 1 year anniversary on September 1! Woah! I cant believe it has been 1 year!!!

t’s Onlyhyunjoong.com and Jungsomin.com Team here. Hope you all are doing well!

Well, I bet none of you can forget, this September is the official 1st year anniversary of Playful Kiss. Wow, time flies so fast right? Whether being considered a success or failure, Playful Kiss is definitely one of the most important and unforgettable milestones in both Hyun Joong’s and So Min’s careers.

And to us- fans, Playful Kiss brought us tears, laughter, happiness and even … sadness. You could not sleep just because of worry about the success of Playful kiss. You could not sleep because of the hurtful words towards our dearest Hyun Joong and So Min. However… we could smile and hold our heads up because we know they did try their best and enjoy every single moment with the drama. And finally… tears running down our face, yes… tears of happiness because of the recognition that Playful kiss has received throughout Asia, especially Youtube Special Edition.

In order to prepare for our special day, Onlyhyunjoong.com an Jungsomin.com decided to start up a project of making a Message book as a memorable gift to Hyun Joong and Somin. Wanna send your loved message to Hyun Joong or Somin? Join us! We hope the message book will be a loving diary where fans can share their love, feeling and support to Playful kiss as well as Hyun Joong and So Min.

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