viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

look love !! (>_>)

Again, Please be reminded that this post is reserved to all the HyunMins. You have been warned.

They say that the eyes are the mirror of our soul. Our eyes is the best conveyors of our feelings. Sometimes just by looking in the person's eyes you could see and know how the person is feeling without saying a word. Personally, I do believe in that because the words the can come out in our lips can be a lie but the truth in our eyes can't be denied.

And speaking of expressing one self through the eyes it reminds of HyunMin so much. I know most of the HyunMins are still spazzing about the recent photos that were posts here and in the other sites that likes our adorable Playful Kiss couple.

soo cuthe

This picture alone is spazz worthy already!
Do I need to elaborate?
How cute it is that MinMin was staring at Hyun Joong?

I love how Hyun Joong's smiles while MinMin was talking
Maybe she's saying great things about Hyun Joong?

loveee i love you kim hyun joong.

sus miradas en que estaran pensando ?

se ve tan feliz y se pone contento cuando habla
con minmin..

AIGO....simply glasses

simple sonrisaa...

esta foto es la mas hermosa y bonita que me encanto de hyunMin
por que esta foto la tomo el fotografo de el evento de los awards
los ojos de nuestro oppa lo dice todo ,,y para mi eso dice mas que amistad..

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